MIM produces remarkable surface finish. Typically, 0.8μm (32μin) Ra is achieved; however, a surface finish as smooth as 0.3–0.5μm (12–20μin) Ra is possible. The surface finish is a function of the size and chemistry of powders that are used, the sintering conditions, and on any secondary operations, i.e., bead blasting or tumbling. Sandblast and beadblast tend to increase surface roughness because of pitting, and tumbling tends to decrease surface roughness. Component surface roughness can also be affected by the surface finish on the tooling used to manufacture the components. Electrical discharge machining (EDM) pits can be translated to the finished MIMed component.

Secondary Operations Finishing

FineMIM provides comprehensive services including MIM Parts assembly, surface treatment and finishes such as Heat treating, Coining, Grinding, Magnetic Polishing, Sandblasting, Mirror Polishing, Passivation, Laser Etching, Plating, PVD Coating, Anti-Finger Print Coating, etc.