Tooling & Design

MIM Tooling Design

Tooling design and manufacturing are one of the core technologies and competences for Metal Injection Molding(MIM). We have sufficient capacity to handle design modifications and meet customers’ urgent requirements.

Our production tooling capability ranges from single/double cavity tools to 16 cavity hot runner tools with internal lifters and cam operated unwinding mechanisms capable of achieving tight tolerances on thread inserts(avoids thread machining…an expensive operation). We have the capability to mill graphite and copper depending on the detailing requirements of the project (graphite milled electrodes are used to achieve very fine details in the tool). FineMIM uses the latest wire EDM technology which is fully integrated with CAD/CAM. Using this technology, skills and experience we deliver a complete manufacturing solution for every project and application.

Our in-house tooling capabilities not only mean low lead times, but they also allow us to innovate on tool design to ensure that the maximum amount of productivity can be achieved on the molding machine. This saves money for customers running high volume programs because we can build a 8 – 16 cavity tool and run the program with automation on a single molding machine whereas another company may run 2 tools of four cavity or even 4 tools of two cavities each.