MIM Advantages

Metal injection molding (MIM) offers several advantages over other production technologies. The MIM technology has progressed substantially over the past 30 years and the maturity of the technology is demonstrated by the growing number of components, alloys, size, and shape complexity. Complex-shaped parts can be simply manufactured by MIM process without or with very little secondary finishing. Summary of advantages offered by the MIM process is as follows:


Full freedom of design
MIM technology can build more complex parts compared to other metal forming methods. Basically, all structures are achievable by injection molds can be applied to MIM.

More choices of material
Most of metal materials are functional in MIM, however, from economic perspective, applied materials mainly covers the iron-based, nickel, copper, titanium metal or alloy.

Excellent physical and chemical properties
MIM physicochemical performance is also terrific because sintering density is highly close to the theoretical. For example, mechanical strength is significantly beyond traditional powder metallurgy.

Delicate appearance
The surface roughness of MIM sintering green parts (Ra) can achieve 1μm. It can be obtained dazzling appearance by various surface treatments.

Excellent dimensional accuracy
Generally, MIM can achieve accuracy tolerances ±0.5%(The usual limits are: ±0.5% of the dimension and could be reduced to ±0.3% on target dimensions.). It can obtain an even higher dimensional accuracy once MIM works with other processing methods.

Powerful and flexible production capacity
MIM can be adjusted flexibly and it can also rapidly improve the yield, which varies from hundreds a day to hundreds of thousands a day.

Environmental friendly philosophy
The Utility of raw material used in MIM is close to 100%, which is a type of net forming technology, and can effectively avoid the waste of materials.