New Conversion Process for Fabricating Air Gripper Finger Cylinder Components by Metal Injection Molding

finger cylinder gears

A new conversion process combined with powder metallurgy and injection molding technique has been developed for application in the fabrication of air gripper finger cylinder components. CNC machining process served as a highly effective technique to fabricate pneumatic components with complex sh[……]

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MIM technology helps to explosive growth of E-Cigarettes

MIM has become a synonym for the iPhone SIM card tray and camera lens protector ring in the 3C industry. In addition to these, however, precision parts in e-cigarettes are also manufactured using Metal Injection Molding. The metalworking process on the market is probably not as fast as the MIM proce[……]

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FineMIM has produced the world’s thinnest integrally-molded metal fan blades utilizing the Metal Injection Molding process

Utilizing Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process, FineMIM has developed and produced the world’s thinnest integrally-molded metal fan blades at only 0.15mm for the laptops. This design allows for greater airflow, additional blades and a more aerodynamic airstream.

Thinnest Metal Fan

To improving the ability of l[……]

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Using outsourced MIM parts production for medical and dental components is less costly than buying and operating a machining center in-house

When does it make more sense to use outsourced MIM parts production than to buy and operate a machining center and do the work in-house? MIM is Metal Injection Molding. It is an alternative process instead of machining parts out of raw metal stock. Many original equipment manufacturers of medical, d[……]

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