Metal Injection Molding of Tungsten

Tungsten is a high-value material that is very difficult to work with via conventional manufacturing methods (such as subtractive machining methods) and impossible via other methods like investment casting. The vendor, employing press and sinter tungsten manufacturing, was reported to be having difficulty hitting shipment deadlines, as well as delivering high levels of non-conforming parts that required visual inspection and sorting.

Tungsten MIM Parts

FineMIM utilised its Metal Injection Molding technology and advanced multi-cavity mold tooling to manufacture the tungsten MIM components net-shape, maintaining tight tolerances and providing high throughput. With MIM, tungsten and other refractory metals are moulded net-shape, then de-bound and sintered.

In addition to MIM, FineMIM has worked to advance polymer and ceramic injection molding capabilities, supporting the aerospace, medical, defence, and industrial sectors for over thirty years.