FineMIM offers Metal Injection Molding Technology for Lock Parts Manufacturing

MIM technology provides highly-engineered and efficient solutions for complex metal parts.

MIM Lock Parts
MIM Lock Parts

FineMIM, a leading provider of custom manufactured Metal Injection Molding (MIM) components and services, offers advantages to allow for producing complex, three dimensional shapes in lock parts that would be virtually impossible to achieve with conventional fabrication technologies. These advantages include superior quality small part component manufacturing of intricate shapes and highly engineered alloys to provide increased product offerings at a cost-effective price for lock manufacturers.

FineMIM’s metal injection molding components have been used in a variety of mechanical locks and intelligent locks. MIM eliminates the need for secondary operations, as well as offers a significant savings over the machined version of the component.

Lock Manufacturers using the efficiency of FineMIM’s MIM technology are now able to ultimately increase the number of end users served through the expansion of their product offerings. FineMIM is a valuable partner in the effort to increase home security by providing lower cost services but high quality stainless steel MIM parts to lock manufacturers.