Is your new component a good fit for Metal Injection Molding?

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a new technique for component manufacturing. It introduced the plastic injection molding technique to powder metallurgy field and forms a new component manufacturing technique. As plastic injection molding is mainly used to produce complex and low price plastic products, metal powder is introduced to manufacture products of better intensity and durability. Such technique is called metal injection molding.

MIM Components
MIM Components

If you are not familiar with Metal Injection Molding, it combines the technologies of thermoplastic injection molding and powder metallurgy to produce complex shaped, high density, high-performance metal parts. If you have exhausted all other options and your part is still failing, MIM may be a good fit.

With MIM technique, high intensity, high density, precision and 3D complex components can be manufactured. Besides, the technique is low cost, high efficient, consistent in quality and can be used in mass production. Hence, MIM is a very popular technique in the industry. By far, there are over 10 companies focusing on the R&D and production of MIM technique in China, with products applied in sectors such as machinery, electronics, automotive, household appliance, tools manufacturing, medical machinery, military, etc.

MIM industry in Asia is developing rapidly, while the demand from China and India further pushes the growth of the industry in these two countries. MIM has been widely applied to many sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, military, etc. As manufacturing industry further grows in China, MIM technique will have more and more opportunities in the future.