Metal Injection Molding in China: MIM Market

  • Annual increasing rate of Metal Injection Molding in China was over 30% since 2011
  • MIM Market size is predicted to be 7 billion RMB in 2018

MIM Market in China 2016

ProductsTypical productsPrice (million RMB)Area
Electronic DevicesSIM card tray/Slidtray Key6,000Yangzi/Pearl river delta areas
HardwaresElectrical tools500North China/Yangzi river delta
Military productsGun parts1,000North China/Northwest North China/Pearl river delta area
Daily products Zipper/Bag lock wareslock500Yangzi/Pearl river delta areas
Total8,000 (~ 25% of the world market)

MIM Market of Electronic Devices

CompanyProductsQuantity (million)Price of MIM Parts in each productTotal Price (million RMB)
SamsungMobile Phone2502500
MicrosoftSurface/Pad PC1025250
HuiaweiMobile Phone1005500
LGMobile Phone553165
LegendMobile Phone555275
Xiao MiMobile Phone554220
TCLMobile Phone485240
OPPOMobile Phone405200
VIVOMobile Phone405200
Total (million RMB)5,670