Micro MIM succeeds in production of 0.03 mm diameter micro nozzle

Micro MIM has succeeded in the mass production of a micro nozzle with a hole diameter of 0.03 mm (30 μm) and an aspect ratio of 5 using Metal Injection Molding process.

Using conventional technology, i.e. machining, it is currently not possible to produce a hole with a diameter smaller than 0.05 mm. By using MIM with very fine metal powder and its µ-MIM technology, Micro MIM was able to realise a 0.03 mm diameter nozzle with a dense and smooth surface and roughness of Ra=0.3, without post-processing.

In the microfabrication of a nozzle, it is difficult to achieve this surface quality even using Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) Additive Manufacturing, due to the problem of dross deposits or residual thermal stress. By using micro Metal Injection Molding, it is possible for Micro MIM to produce ultra-small nozzles with complicated flow paths and good surface quality.