How to choose a MIM manufacturer?

When selecting a manufacturing process, MIM is most often compared to other technologies such as investment casting, machining or conventional PM. In compare to the other MIM offers the following advantages: MIM has greater ability to provide harder materials, is more cost effective, allows for thinner wall sections, provides better surface finish, it requires less secondary machining and is better suited for higher volume manufacturing.

​Finding the right MIM manufacturer or MIM factory for your project can be challenging. If you don’t choose the right partner, you can run into a wide range of issues, from product quality to cost to shipping delays.

Why FineMIM?

  • Industry leader in engineering unique components for production.
  • Fast development of alloys & new materials.
  • Rapid and economical prototype development system.
  • Continuous sintering suited for high volume production.
  • Renowned metallurgical experts.
  • Flexible processing addresses large and small parts.
  • Resources available for the largest production requirements.

FineMIM will keep pushing its development and technology in order to fulfill our customers’ needs.