MIM hinges used in Huawei new P50 Pocket folding smartphone

Huawei new P50 Pocket folding smartphone was launched internationally this month and is reported to feature hinges that were produced by Metal Injection Molding (MIM). The innovative MIM hinge allows the device to be unfolded to form a seamless screen surface for the user.

The Huawei P50 Pocket is said to represent the fourth major breakthrough in hinge design in the history of Huawei’s foldable phone development. When the device is unfolded, the screen aligns automatically allowing users to scroll across the two screens.

Huawei P50 Pocket MIM Hinge
The P50 Pocket’s MIM hinge enables the user to seamlessly scroll across the two screens

MIM hinges are widely used across the consumer electronics sector and offer high levels of reliability and the ability to produce complex, miniaturised designs that allow for the production of thinner electronic devices.

During the development of the hinge, Huawei’s design engineers performed numerous simulations and tests to ensure durability. The use of MIM was reported to improve impact resistance by 62% and tensile strength by 33%, providing a solid foundation for the product’s durability.